Brazil ready to make a splash at RLIF Women’s World Cup

3rd August 2019, 11:28


The Confederação Brasileira de Rugby League has been officially recognised as an Affiliate Member of the Rugby League International Federation and invited to participate in the RLIF Women’s World Cup 2021. According to its chief operating officer, Hugo Froes, these advances have already had an impact in Brazil and across the region.


“Achieving that membership status was vital for us to progress our ambitions on the domestic and world stage,” said Froes


“We are now managing to close sponsorship deals to support both domestic and international programmes. We can receive support from our government at both national and state level and we have attracted more high-quality staff with former Super League player, Matt Gardner, Andrew Charles who coached the Jillaroos and Robert Burgin, founder of Latin Heat, all now involved.


“The impact on the domestic leagues has been huge, we have become the first Latin American country to have a women’s championship which includes five teams. Our men’s championship includes six teams and we have started a youth competition with four teams. All in all, we have just passed 500 registered players in Brazil.


“South America is a continent with 600 million people, is the emerging market most sought after by companies and sports confederations and is a market completely open to new sports.


“Confederations across the continent are maturing and step by step, countries are seeking to strengthen domestic activities, we are keen to be a leader in the process.


“Brazil's participation in the World Cup demonstrates RLIF's interest in the continent and that is being welcomed and reciprocated by the Latin American nations”